Call of the Void or Suicidal Ideation?

Let’s jump right in to one of my favorite topics; L’appel du vide. Have you ever pondered or momentarily imagined yourself doing something dangerous, or possibly fatal? For example: you are driving down the interstate on a beautiful day and without provocation you imagine driving into a nearby open field. Why would you do this to your vehicle? Why would you risk your life or the life of others? Although it may come as a surprise, many (if not all) people experience this “Call of the Void” mentality. It’s human! The fact is, our brains are weird. So weird that … Continue reading Call of the Void or Suicidal Ideation?

Why “Strictly Real”?

Hey! I struggle with my self image, my social status, and so much more. Why? Let’s explore what makes us human by being real with each other. Social media is breeding grounds for “one-up” mentality. Look thinner than your classmate, make more money than your coworker, drive a better car than your neighbor. But most important; post all about it! When given the opportunity to stop at Starbucks to buy an over priced coffee, our gut response may be to brew a cup at home, but miss out on the Starbucks selfie? No way! I want to be real. I … Continue reading Why “Strictly Real”?